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8 Things Can Help You Save $112.71 Without Using Coupons

February 28, 2017 Sandy KS 0

I shared a post awhile back that I wrote about saving money without coupons. As I never know when I will be able to go to the grocery store, I tend to not have coupons for the things on sale with me. Either I left them at home. As I was not planning to stop at the store. Or I have not looked at the weekly ads to print any out. I love to see how much I can save while shopping. It is an addiction like a game to me. You may not save as much money as if you […]

3 Ingredient Crackers

3 Ingredient Crackers

February 22, 2017 Sandy KS 5

While living on a budget, at times I don’t have the resources to make goodies by reaching in my cupboard. During these times, I go back to the days when I was younger and re-create desserts I enjoyed that don’t have many ingredients in them. The thing I can say about the 3 Ingredient Chocolate Crackers if you like chocolate covered pretzels but want something a little softer. These will do the trick. These do make great gifts to elderly patients or those who have few to no teeth. 3 Ingredient Chocolate Crackers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 package of white almond bark 1 package […]